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We are a service that works exclusively with vulnerable adults, and as such we adhere to the highest standards of governance and accountability. We are members of Respect, and base our operations on the Respect Toolkit for work with male victims of domestic violence (2nd edition, January 2013), and work to the relevant accreditation standard also published by Respect. In October 2018, we applied to the Charities Commission for registration as a CIO. All volunteers that have contact with service users are enhanced DBS checked.

Mission, principles, and traditions

The objects of our organisation are:

  1. a) to relieve the suffering and distress, and provide improved future outcomes for those who have experienced or are experiencing domestic abuse and/or intimate partner violence within the UK by offering support and mentoring, along with information on and referrals to support services, groups, and organisations, whether public or private, and
  2. b) to advance public education, research, and training on understanding the issues of domestic abuse and intimate partner violence.

We operate under the following guiding principles. Where we talk about "survivors" in these principles, we also include their children.

  1. Do no harm. We take all reasonable steps to ensure that their services do not create additional risks for survivors.
  2. Gender matters. We work in a way that is gender informed, recognising the gender asymmetry that exists in the degree, frequency and impact of domestic abuse, and domestic violence.
  3. Services for all. Whilst our service is positioned and promoted as a service that supports those who identify as male, our service is not gendered. We support any genuine survivor regardless of gender, ethnic, sexual, or religious identity.
  4. Safety first. The primary aim of our work is to increase the safety and wellbeing of survivors.
  5. Fulfilling lives and and sustainable change. We are committed to supporting all service users to have healthy, respectful relationships and to lead fulfilling lives.
  6. The system counts. domestic abuse, and domestic violence cannot be addressed by one agency alone, and work with survivors should never take place in isolation. We are committed to working with partners to improve responses as part of their local multiagency arrangements.
  7. Respectful communities. We recognise that the environment their service users live in has an impact on their lives.
  8. Competent staff. We deliver a safe, effective service by developing the skills, wellbeing and knowledge of our staff through training, supervision, and case work support.
  9. Measurably effective services. We employ clear and proportionate measurement tools, which uncover the reality of the work our has on service users.

Policy, procedures, and forms

These are our internal documents used in the management of the organisation. We publish them on our website for transparency, and invite input from the wider DA/DV support community. All these documents are part of the induction programme for new staff, and new volunteers. These materials are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA) International 4.0 license.

  • Service referral form
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Service user intake assessment form
  • Service user ongoing assessment form
  • Lone worker/home visit policy (available on request)
  • Lone worker/home visit risk assessment (available on request)
  • The Arthur's Friend Guide to Managing Risk to You and Your Family
  • Complaints policy
  • Health and safety policy
  • Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults policy and procedure
  • Risk management policy and procedure
  • Code of conduct for staff
  • Policy regarding staff past or present lived experience of domestic abuse and domestic violence
  • Disciplinary policy and procedure
  • Record keeping policy and procedure
  • Practice management policy and procedure
  • Equal opportunities and diversity policy
  • GDPR data protection policy
  • Website privacy policy
  • Modern slavery and human trafficking statement

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