Arthur's Friends

Arthur's Friends is a fellowship of male domestic abuse and domestic violence survivors. We offer friendship and mentoring alongside practical, local support to male survivors.

24-hour helpline: 01582 310900 or text us on 07739 412405

24-hour helpline: 01582 310900
Text us on 07739 412405

How it works

All victims of domestic abuse find the experience isolating. You may be in a position where your support network has dwindled to one or two people, and it’s highly likely that those that you can go to for support have not experienced domestic abuse.

Arthur’s Friends has two principles. Firstly, we pair you with a friend and mentor who has been through something like what you have been through and are going through. This is an essential tool in helping you recover. You and your Arthur’s Friend choose the best way to communicate that is both safe and supportive. You can talk about anything and everything, safe in the knowledge that your Arthur’s Friend will listen, won’t judge you, and is able to understand your situation.

Secondly, within the fellowship we offer practical, local support to each other. It is extremely difficult for male survivors to get practical support with the things that affect them day-to-day. If the relationship has ended, you may need support or advice with any number of things – we see men struggling with issues around money, depression/anxiety or other mental health issues, setting up a new home, dealing with mediation and/or court proceedings, etc. We can also help you if you have chosen not to end the relationship.

The service is entirely free to everyone.
Call our 24-hour helpline on 01582 310900 to get started.

Are you a survivor who is down the road of recovery and want to help other men starting their recovery journey?

We are always looking for mentors to help our new members. It’s a very rewarding activity, helping those who are just starting out on their recovery journey. If you have any experience at all living in an abusive relationship, and you’re now clear of the situation and recovering, please contact us as we’d love to pair you with new members.

Are you a service provider, local authority, police, or otherwise supporting victims of domestic abuse or domestic violence?

We are keen to talk to anyone in any frontline service who is in a position to signpost our service to men who need help to safely exit and recover from their abusive relationships. If you would like to learn more about what we do, please see our information for professionals. We also ask that professionals join our Arthur's Friends Community.

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